Hueflake for

Visual Studio Code

Screenshot of Visual Studio Code with a Hueflake themeGet started

High quality

With over 400 color mappings combined for UI and code, Hueflake’s themes cover a wide range of UI colors that most themes miss.

Install instructions

  1. Install your Hueflake extension (VSIX file) at Extensions → 3-dot menu → Install from VSIX.
  2. Enable the theme in File → Preferences → Color Theme.


Hueflake themes make use of italic fonts (unless you turned it off), so you may want to use a font with first-class support for italics. A few examples:

You may also want to enable “Bracket Pair Colorization” in VS Code settings to make it easier to see which brackets and parentheses correspond to each other. Hueflake themes have support for this feature, with colors designed to maximize the difference between each level of brackets.

Build your first theme in minutes

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